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At Artistic Dental Laboratories, we believe the relationship shared between dental professionals and their laboratory should be as strong and lasting as the materials we use. That‘s why we forge a special bond with every client built on trust, communication and predictable outcomes for your patient.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team will work with you and your staff in all aspects of case planning, material selection, digital communication, fabrication, delivery and long-term patient satisfaction. Throughout the process, we live up to our name by combining art and science to achieve the highest level of esthetic technology possible.

Case Planning/Consultation

Case Consulting

The value of case planning is it provides proper communication between the restoring dentist and the dental laboratory prior to case presentation. It will provide the dentist with the tools they need to present the treatment plan with a complete understanding of the restoration. It also allows for preliminary mouth preparations to improve the esthetics, material selection, case design, and diagnostic wax-ups to facilitate successful fabrication of provisional restorations.

The Certified Dental Technicians (CDT) at Artistic Dental Laboratories believe proper case planning is an essential component of successful treatment planning. A dental prosthesis or restoration is its own form of art and each case is unique, we are always available to discuss a case with you.

Please call us to schedule a time for a Certified Dental Technician or a Territory Representative can meet with you at 630.679.8686.

Case Planning

The perfect restoration starts with good case planning. Here are some suggestions, used by the industry‘s most successful dental professionals worldwide, to help even the most difficult cases achieve a perfect outcome.

Take pictures
  • Pre-operative pictures and models are typically the best and only method of communicating the needs of your patient.
  • Emailing a digital picture of the case to your lab technician can increase your chances of getting the perfect fit every time.
  • Make this a standard part of your case planning.
Get a good impression
  • The impression is the foundation for a successful restoration.
  • Selecting the right tray for your case (triple tray, stock trays or customized impression tray) is critical. Wondering which tray and material is best for your case? Contact us.
  • The best impressions are obtained by using a heavy body with wash technique or by creating a custom tray.
The importance of bite registrations
A good bite registration is highly critical for a successful restoration. Although every situation is unique, here are some general tips:
  • The patient is often numb and generally has no understanding of their centric bite. The staff member or dentist should guide them through the process of getting the perfect bite.
  • The less bite material that is used between the opposing dentitions, the better the bite registration.
  • The more memory (rubbery) the registration materials are, the more difficult it is for the lab to accurately set and mount the opposing casts.
  • Opposing casts also require accurate impressions to help eliminate occlusal interference from bubbles or missed areas in the impressions.
Get the perfect shade.
  • Achieving a perfect shading technique can be a challenging part of any case.
  • Including a picture with your case can increase your success rate with obtaining the perfect shade. Artistic Dental Laboratories offers a custom shading and color match service.
Fill out your prescriptions completely.
  • Filling out an accurate and complete prescription is paramount to a successful case.
  • It is critical to helping us understand and record the specific details needed to provide you with the perfect case outcome.

In Lab Custom Shading/ Color Match

Custom Shades and Stains

Artistic Dental Laboratories want your patients to have a beautiful, healthy, and natural-looking smile. Our customized shade matching service will match the custom restoration (crown, bridge, etc.,) to the color of your patient‘s natural teeth in our Bolingbrook or Chicago location.

Photographs are not a replacement for a custom shade. Each patient is unique. Sometimes the best way to match restorative dental work with natural teeth is having your patient meet face to face in our color correct shade studio with a ceramic artist who is a Certified Dental Technician on our team.

What your patient needs to know
  • Appointments for custom shades and stains are always necessary.
  • Custom shades routinely take 30 to 60 minutes, and custom stains can take from 30 minutes to two hours.
  • Please call for your appointment as soon as possible to prevent delays in the fabrication of your restoration. The shade will be required before we can begin to make your restoration.
  • Avoid coffee and colas on the day of your appointment.
  • If your patient is bleaching, please wait 2 weeks AFTER bleaching is complete before scheduling an appointment for a custom shade.
  • Remember, teeth dehydrate during the prep so, although it is convenient for the patient to have the custom shade done that same day, to achieve the best results they should schedule the shade with us at least 1 day after their appointment with you. Or, they can see us prior to their prep appointment.
  • Relax, getting a custom shade or stain is not painful and our Certified Dental Technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.
  • Feel free to ask questions about the process when setting up your appointment
Please have your patient call us at 630.679.8686 to set up an appointment.

Expert CAD/CAM Services

Digital technologies in dentistry are rapidly advancing. Artistic Dental Laboratories is continually updating their technologies and innovative fabrication procedures to adapt to the future of dentistry, making Artistic Dental Laboratories a leader in digital dental technology.

Today‘s patient expects to find the latest technology at their dentist‘s office. Artistic Dental Laboratories works with you to make digital imaging a part of your practice. We offer Continuing Education Courses, Workshops and Seminars to provide recent advancements in dentistry, diagnostics and new materials in dental care. learn more

  • Artistic Dental Laboratories accepts all scans directly from your practice.
  • We design and manufacture quality dental restorations , including crowns, bridges, veneers, copings, frameworks, dental implant abutments, dentures (removable and fixed) and more.
  • We use the latest technology which guarantees a precise fit while insuring quality and consistency.
  • CAD/CAM custom milling increases speed of design and manufacturing, all at a unit cost that makes these high quality restorations affordable.
  • Certified Dental Technicians are available to provide consultation and/or answer any questions you may have.
  • All Artistic Dental Laboratories‘ products are made in the USA.
To send your digital image to Artistic Dental Laboratories:
  • Scan your model or intra-oral preparation
  • Upload the .stl file using the scanners proprietary portal to ensure HIPPA compliance. Do not trust DropBox or email as they are not HIPPA compliant.

Upon receipt of your image, our experienced team of CAD/CAM specialists will design and/or mill the restorative option of your choice using Zirconia, Lithium Discilicate, Wax/Resin Copings, Custom Abutments or temporaries.

How to Send a Digital File

Option 1
  • Select "Find a Laboratory" on your iTero Scanner
  • Connect with Artistic Dental Laboratories using our Company ID Artistic Dental Laboratories.
  • After connecting to us as a Lab, select Artistic Dental Laboratories on your scanner when sending files
Option 2
  • Call 800-577-8767
  • Select Option 1
  • Request that Artistic Dental Laboratories is added to your scanner Identify our lab using our phone number (630) 679.8686.
  • After Artistic Dental Laboratories has been added, restart your scanner
  • After connecting to us as a lab, select Artistic Dental Laboratories on your scanner when sending files
  • Trios
    • Go to in a web browser
    • Contact Artistic Dental Laboratories (630.679.8686) to let us know you have requested a connection.
    • After connecting to us as a Lab is approved, select Artistic Dental Laboratories when sending files
    • Create or Login to CEREC Connect
    • Select "MY CEREC CONNECT"
    • Type "Artistic Dental Laboratories" in the box for Company Name
    • Click FIND
    • Check the box to the bottom left for Artistic Dental Laboratories
    • Click ADD to complete the registration
    • When sending cases add "Send to Artistic Dental Laboratories" in the notes
    3M™ True Definition Scanner
    • Call 3M at 1.800.634.2249 (ext 3 Digital) (ext 1 General Digital Assistance)
    • They will assist you in adding Artistic Dental Laboratories (Bolingbrook, Illinois) to your scanner
    • You will choose Artistic Dental Laboratories (Bolingbrook, Illinois) in your prescription
    • Send Artistic your case by hitting "Submit"
    E4D-Planmeca Planscan
    • Select "Find a lab" option on your scanner
    • Search for Artistic Dental Laboratories
    • Add Artistic Dental Laboratories
    • Select Artistic Dental Laboratories when submitting scans
    • Add Artistic Dental Laboratories as a Lab
    • Attach .stl file
    • Submit case
    Option 1 Option 2
    • Visit Carestream Connect on your scanner
    • Search for Artistic Dental Laboratories
    • Add Artistic Dental Laboratories
    • Select Artistic Dental Laboratories when submitting scans Raw .stl files
    • Email us at


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