Porcelain Veneers

The use of feldspathic veneers is resurging as patients have begun requesting less invasive treatments and higher levels of esthetics. With this comes the desire for thinner veneers and preservation of natural tooth structure. Modern feldspathic veneers allow ceramists to create thicknesses of less than 0.5 mm, which can be fabricated to a minimum thickness of 0.3 mm. Through the use of advanced bonding agents, the capacity to predictably bond veneers to enamel is great as well. These veneers also come with a five year guarantee.

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Changed color of anterior teeth, Incorrect shape of tooth or position in dental arch, Enamel defects such as enamel hypoplasia, attrition of teeth as a consequence of trauma, wide interproximal spaces like diastema


Bruxism and parafunction, Pathology of bite, more than 50% of enamel affected by pathology

Tech Notes

For facial reduction three wheel diamond depth cutter should be used for orientation grooves. For proximal reduction - round end tapered diamond bur is used as an extension for facial reduction.