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The Technology

FirstFit is a Guided Prosthetics Delivery System that utilizes the latest digital technology to provide you with 3D printed prep guides and the final ready-to-seat restoration at the same time. The use of these 3d printed guides enables the clinician to provide predictable and consistently esthetic restorations while reducing the patient’s time in the practice.

Using proprietary CAD software a designer creates a digital prep for the tooth in a series of prep guides while also creating the crown, bridge or veneer around this preparation. This revolutionary system provides a precise and unparalleled treatment solution that allows minimal tooth reduction, removes the need for temporaries and eliminates one appointment from the patient’s schedule.

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Why FirstFit?

  • Improve patient convenience and less time spent in the dental chair
  • Eliminate temporary appointment from patient’s workflow
  • Conserve more natural tooth structure
  • Approve digital prep design before any cuts begin
  • Fewer remakes by eliminating blood and swollen gingiva from impression
  • Bill at time of diagnosis
  • Zirconia and other highly esthetic and strong material options

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FirstFIT™ preparatons guides are indicated for use on single units and 3-unit bridges.
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  • Cavities or cracks below the gum line
  • Severely misaligned teeth
  • Third molars
  • Limited mouth opening
  • Severely worn-down teeth
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First Appointment

  1. Take a digital or analog impression using clear Polyvinylsiloxane to send to Artistic Dental Laboratories.
    • Replace any lost fillings on adjacent teeth before the impression
  2. Take a bite registration
  3. Complete the prescription and send to Artistic Dental laboratories.
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Seating Appointment

  1. Remove the provided FirstFit guides, case specific bur, and model from the delivered case box.
  2. Soak the FirstFit guides in a small bowl of hot water for 20-40 seconds.
  3. Insert the supplied bur in your FirstFit handpiece.
  4. Firmly fit the FirstFit guide onto the model.
  5. Carefully glide the handpiece horizontally into the FirstFit guide.
  6. Proceed to make the preparation on the practice model.
  7. Once cutting has subsided, remove the FirstFit handpiece and gently rock and pull up on the FirstFit guide to remove from the model.
  8. Clean the cut area with water and compressed air.
  9. Using the final restoration, test the fit on the model.
  10. Once you have verified that the preparation is correct on the model, proceed to insert the cleaned guide into the patient’s mouth.
    • Even though the preparations are minimal, it is recommended to use a numbing agent to eliminate patient discomfort.
    • Prior to cutting it is EXTREMELY important to verify that the FirstFit guide and the correct bur are fully secure in place.
  11. Proceed to make the preparation on the patient, ensuring the FirstFit guide is still firmly seated in the correct position.
  12. Once the preparation is complete, verify there are no remaining enamel tags that could hinder the restoration’s placement. If so, proceed to remove them manually and thoroughly clean the tooth to remove any particles.
  13. Fit the restoration.
  14. Once you have determined that the restoration fits correctly, seat the unit following the recommended cementation protocol.
  15. After the restoration is seated, check the occlusion and take x-rays to verify the correct adjustment.
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  • Isolate the prepared teeth
  • Apply the phosphoric etchant for approximately 15 seconds on the enamel
  • Thoroughly rinse the restoration with water
  • Suction off any humidity
  • Gently apply a layer of chlorhexidine
  • Suction off any remaining humidity
  • Apply MDP containing adhesive such as Scotch bond universal
    • Rub for 10 seconds
    • Air blow for 5 seconds
    • Rub for 10 seconds
  • Cement the FirstFit Bridge using warm resin cement or composites
  • Cement the FirstFit Crown with a Light Curing Adhesive Cement
  • Cement the FirstFit Veneer with a Light Curing Adhesive Cement
  • Clean off any excess cement and light cure the unit for 40 seconds or follow your curing device’s recommendations
  • Polish the restoration
We recommend documenting the final restoration with pictures and x-ray
Technical Tip: Make sure you do not contaminate zirconia with saliva and/or with phosphoric acid because the phosphate groups have chemical affinity with zirconia.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use my own handpiece?
    No. The FirstFit handpiece has been specifically designed with the correct torque and is the only one suitable for this technique.
  • Is there anything I need to go with the guides before using them on a patient?
    We recommend submerging all guides in warm water for approximately 20-40 seconds per guide which makes the guides easier to use and flexible. Verify the bur is securely locked into the FirstFit handpiece before inserting into the guide
  • The guide is broken, now what?
    If the guide has a minimal chip near the handpiece entry point and the chip does not interfere with the cut, it may be fine to continue use of the guide. If the guide does break or is unusable we will replace it for you. Most cases are returned with a duplicate guide – if both are broken e-mail for a replacement
  • The handpiece is not fitting inside the guide
    Verify the bur is fully inserted and securely locked into the handpiece. Warm the guides in hot water immediately prior to use and gently wiggle the handpiece perpendicularly into the guide.
  • How do you remove the guides from the patient’s mouth?
    While holding it at the widest section, FirstFit guides should be removed by gently rocking it in a back and forth motion as you pull up on the guide.
  • Will any water get trapped in the guide during the preparation?
    No. The guides were specifically designed to allow cooling of the cuts while the water exits through spray ports.
  • What should I do if there is decay or fractures beyond the margins of the preparation?
    Take a new impression and use the current restoration as a temporary. A new FirstFit Prosthetics Delivery System will be provided to you
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