Jerry Ulaszek, CDT, President

Jerry Ulaszek is the owner of Artistic Dental Laboratories in Bolingbrook, Illinois. This year marks 35 years as a full service dental laboratory for Artistic Dental Laboratories. Jerry’s dedication to consistently providing the highest quality of product and services has qualified the lab as one of only three Dawson Academy dental laboratories worldwide and one of only 50 DAMAS certified labs in the USA. Jerry can proudly say that all Artistic products are made right here in the USA.

Dr. Robert Spreen of Bellevue, Washington, a long-time customer, states, “Thank you Artistic for your dedication – I’m often asked “Can’t you find a lab closer than Illinois?” and my answer is ‘not with this level of dedication’.  Great job!”

Jerry is committed to developing educational programs for today’s dental professionals. He is a highly sought after public speaker and instructor at Dental Society Meetings and Study Clubs throughout the country on topics ranging from indirect materials, implants, overdentures, partial designs and the All-On-4™ technique. He has served as a teaching assistant at the L.D. Pankey Institute; a contributing author to Dr Gregory Tarantola’s book Clinical Cases in Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry; and was the first dental technician member of the American Equilibration Society.

Jerry is currently president of the Illinois Dental Laboratory Association; President-elect of the National Association of Dental Laboratories; and a member of the Nobel Biocare Advisory Council on dental implants. Jerry’s day is spent treatment planning and sequencing complex cases with dentists throughout the country. He is dedicated to promoting and advancing the high standards and ethics of the dental laboratory industry, keeping Artistic Dental Laboratories a leader in digital dental technology, the development and application of new materials for dental care, and to foster an environment of learning and growth for Artistic employees and the dental offices it serves.

Jerry graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1975 and was employed as a certified dental technician in multi-specialty dental offices for six years prior to starting Artistic Dental Laboratories in 1981. Jerry earned a Masters of Business Administration from Governor’s State University in 1988.

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Dan Ulaszek, CDT, Vice President

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area Dan, better known as “Danny,” almost seemed destined for the dental lab. The son of a lab owner and hygienist, Danny is a 2nd generation CDT, and a member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) Business Management Committee. Danny started his dental lab career in high school where he started to familiarize himself with the basics of the lab, like cleaning and maintaining the equipment. During College he began to learn the hand crafted art of what is porcelain and metal Crown and Bridge Dental Technology. Post college Danny went on to work in and manage the Metal Finishing department while earning his CDT accreditation in 2010. As CAD/CAM Technologies emerged and began to be incorporated into the laboratory Danny began to learn and implement many of the latest technologies you can find at Artistic Dental Laboratories. Dedicated to making sure Artistic Dental Laboratories is the go to authority in all of the newest technologies, Danny has become the go to authority within the lab for anything digital both in the lab and in your practice. He can often be heard saying “I may not know everything, but I probably know where to find it...Google!”

Paul McGrath, CDT, General Manager

Paul McGrath is a Certified Dental Technician (CDT) and the General Manager at Artistic Dental Laboratories. Paul is dedicated to advancing the standards of the dental laboratory industry by continually seeking new and improved dental materials and methodology. This understanding and confidence in material selection, preparation design and the creation of key indices ensure predictability in delivering exquisite restorations.

Paul’s knowledge for contouring the provisional restoration and managing dental esthetics makes him a popular lecturer for National Dental Societies, Study Groups and Dental Product Manufacturers in all areas of ceramics from PFM, to veneers, to advanced layering and high-end esthetics. McGrath was selected to participate in the group “12 Advocates for 3M” Chaired by Makoto Yamamoto. He has studied with leading ceramic and restorative dentists including, Gerard J. Chiche, DDS; Pascale Magne, DMD; Ed McLaren, DDS; Paul’s experience includes management at medium and large laboratories.

Paul continues to lead the Artistic Dental Laboratory CDT’s to ensure predictable outcomes in restorative dentistry, providing long-term functional and esthetic success in every case they deliver.

Anthony Calonico, CDT, Removables Department Manager

Anthony Calonico is a Certified Dental Technician and the Manager of the Splint and Removable Prosthetic Department at Artistic Dental Laboratories, Inc., in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Calonico is a graduate of the Pankey Institute and the Dawson Center for Advanced Studies 1, 2, 3. He is certified in Full Dentures and has fabricated over 45,000 splints and nightguards. In his 18 years as Manager at Artistic he has earned the reputation as a leader in the field of occlusal splints.

“Artistic’s communication, their understanding of occlusal concepts and dedication to quality has made the process of splint fabrication and delivery predictable.” Michael Fling, Pankey Visiting Faculty Member.

Calonico is passionate about sharing his knowledge of occlusal splints with the dental community. He is the creator of educational CD’s on “Removable Prosthetics” and “Splints”, the owner of the website and AEA Dental. He is a Contributing Editor to Greg Tarantola’s Dental Learning Section, “Ask the Technician”; he regularly publishes articles for the American Equilibration Society Magazine “Contact”; and he is the first technician to create a teaching presentation on Arch Choice for the American Equilibration Society.

He is a Lab Association Advisory Board Member for the Dawson Academy, assisting with instruction for several Dawson courses. He has taken courses at the Pankey Institute and helped facilitate a lecture with Dr. Jeff Baggett, Pankey Institute in Florida. He is an active member of the American Equilibration Society.

Calonico is a sought after speaker at Study Clubs throughout the country. He continues to expand his knowledge in the design and fabrication of maxillary and mandibular splints and keeping Artistic Dental Laboratories, Inc. a leader in the delivery of high quality, occlusally predictable splints for Artistic’s customers and their patients.

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Craig Carlson, CDT, TE, Implant Coordinator

Craig Carlson is a Certified Dental Technician (CDT) and he is the Implant Coordinator at Artistic Dental Laboratories. In the 20 years that Craig has been employed at Artistic Dental Laboratories he has personally been involved with over 400 All-On-4 surgeries.

He enjoys working with the doctors and surgeons in their offices to deliver fixed, full-arch prosthesis with implants on the day of surgery. Craig stays current on the latest techniques with continuing education coursework for implants and occlusion.

Craig is known by many of the doctors he works with as “the guru of implants”.

Craig served in the US Navy, as a Dental Assistant, in Fallon, Nevada, from 1970 to 1974. He then attended Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, receiving his degree in Dental Technologies. After graduation from SIU, Craig was employed by The Dental College at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada. His duties included managing the Ceramic Department as a Teaching Assistant.

Chance Christensen, CDT, Splint Department Manager

Chance Christensen is the Manager of the Splint Department at Artistic Dental Laboratories. Chance has fabricated and finished over a thousand occlusal guards during the last 8 years and he appreciates the challenge his occupation provides to achieve patient and doctor satisfaction.

“Upon Certification I became employed at Artistic Dental Studio, Inc., where developing my skills and expert advice is shared daily. As a Certified Dental Technician, knowledge is the key to developing accurate appliances that stabilize the mandible and its counterparts in order to improve occlusion. Working in the field has taught me a wide range of therapy that can be provided for specific patient needs. The occlusal guards provided at Artistic are comprised of restoring joint function and managing patient treatment.

Working with doctors from all over the country is an extremely useful asset in the fabrication of corrective occlusal guards. It is a rewarding profession to be able to provide a service to individuals who genuinely receive the proper physical and medical improvements. I anticipate sharing information with doctors to better serve the patient’s needs for proper treatment. I can be contacted at 630.679.8686 and truly look forward to creating a long lasting relationship that both serves the needs of the patient and requirements of the doctor. After all, it is the satisfaction of a precise quality restoration that strives to be our ultimate goal here at Artistic Dental Laboratories.”

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Fred Iovino, Chicago Lab Manager
Jim ONeill
Jim O'Neill, Operations Coordinator
Sheila Bajus, Territory Representative

Sheila Bajus is a Territory Representative for Artistic Dental Laboratories for northern Illinois and Wisconsin. She calls on offices throughout her area to update practices on new products, literature and continuing education events.

Sheila has been in the dental laboratory business for over 15 years and prides herself on her ability to support her dentists and their teams. She is an active participant in the local Seattle Study Club and hosts many evening programs covering a variety of relatable topics.

Sheila is here to help support your practice. Please feel free to contact her at

Dan Porter, Territory Representative

Dan Porter is a territory representative for Artistic Dental Laboratories for doctors in Chicago and the western suburbs. Dan has been involved in high-tech medical and dental sales for over 30 years. His extensive medical background combined with his technical knowledge provides dentists and their staff the latest information and communication with the lab for case planning, material selection, delivery with the goal for long-term patient satisfaction.

His father was a Medic during the Vietnam War which required the family to move to military bases around the world while growing up. He enlisted in the US Army in 1975 and became a Medic. He was stationed in Göppingen, Germany. While training to be a pilot he broke his back in a plane crash which resulted in a long, but successful, rehabilitation. He credits his recovery to the support he received during that time.

Dan is always happy to assist you at 630.335.1722 or at

Vicki DeLira, Territory Representative

Vicki DeLira is a territory Rep for Artistic Dental Laboratories for the doctors in NW Indiana and the South suburbs of Chicago. DeLira is a  registered dental hygienist for over 20 years and is a hygiene member of the Illinois Dental Society.  She left full time hygiene in 2007 to do implant treatment coordinating for an Oral surgery group in NW Indiana. Before starting with Artistic in 2015 she was the Prosthetic Clinical Examiner for Clearchoice dental Implant Centers in Chicago, Illinois. Her experience and knowledge of the dental field is an asset to Artistic Dental Laboratories and to the dental offices she serves. You can reach Vicki at 708.638.3709